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         (Please print you details and use BLOCK CAPITALS throughout)


Title* & Name:____________________________________________* Mr/Mrs/Ms/other

Address: __________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________Post Code:___________

Tel. No: ______________  e-mail address (if applicable): __________________

I/We apply for membership of the Huntingdonshire Family History Society and
enclose the annual subscription of _____. For single**/family**/overseas**
membership.   **(Please delete as appropriate).  [Cheques should be made
payable to: Huntingdonshire Family History Society. Applications from
Overseas may be in Sterling or local currency at the Society's current
exchange rate].

Date: ___________     Signature of applicant: _____________________________

In the case of family membership only one applicant need sign, but the
list of all family members at the address given above who wish to be
included in the membership must be completed below. Continue on reverse,
if necessary:

Name: (1)_________________  Relationship to above applicant: ______________

Name: (2)_________________  Relationship to above applicant: ______________

Data Protection Act 1998. I understand that information provided by me on these forms will be processed by the Hunts FHS and will be used for the purpose of providing me with the benefits of membership and goods and services ordered, and for billing and subscription renewal. It will be used for listing my name, address, and, if applicable, my e-mail address, and details of my surname interests in future editions of the journal and members interests directory. By signing this form I agree to the inclusion of my details in the journal and members directory. Signed___________________________________________ Date__________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

PART 2 - MEMBERS' INTERESTS   (For office use only - Memb. No.)[       ]

Please complete the following statement of interests. This will be
published in the Journal to enable persons with similar interests to
contact one another.



___________________________________Country_______________Post Code_________

No. ___________________  e-mail address:___________________________________

Surnames, localities and dates of interest: Please give the parish and
county where the family occurs, and periods of interest.

      SURNAME               PARISH             COUNTY           DATE

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

___________________  ___________________  _________________ _____________

(For additional names continue overleaf on lower half of the paper.)

Special interest, if any (e.g. heraldry, local history):

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