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Members receive a copy of the Society's Journal The Huntsman, which is published three times a year in March, July and November. Regular features in the Journal include articles on local families, new members interests and a Help wanted HELP EXCHANGE column to assist family history researchers. This service is free to members if they state their membership number but non-members can advertise their requests at a cost of £2 per enquiry and per entry. Requests should be addressed to the Editor.

A synopsis of recent articles published in The Huntsman is available.

Past issues of The Huntsman are available on microfiche from the Publications list available on the HFHS Bookstall. Each set covers a calendar year between 1986 and 1996.

The Society would welcome new articles for publication in the Journal, but cannot guarantee that every such article is published, nor when any such publication will occur. Articles submitted via email should be submitted in Microsoft WORD format in Arial 12pt. Such articles written for publication, and requests for help, should be sent to:

The "Huntsman" Editor
4 Shakespeare Road,
St Ives,
PE27 6TR
United Kingdom

E-mail: Mr Mike Stephenson : editor@huntsfhs.org.uk

Recent Articles Published in the HUNTSMAN Journal

THE FAIRY FAMILY OF NEW ZEALAND by Marlene Shipman (March 2003) Other names mentioned in the story are WARD, SCOTNEY and SAMS.

THE "GEORGE & DRAGON", BUCKDEN & ITS OWNERS by M Stephenson (July 2003) The article tells the story of the owners of the hostelry on the Great North Road, highwaymen and stage coaching through Huntingdonshire.

HEMINGFORD GREY SCHOOL CENTENARY 1903-2003 by Gerald Rook (July 2003) Gerry tells the story of the Primary School and included a picture of children taken about 1918. They are all named.

THE BYSON FAMILY by Ruth Simons (July 2003) A family tree and photographs illustrate the story of the Byson family of Fenstanton.

EARLY HUNTINGDONSHIRE GRAVESTONES (November 2003) This is the 5th in a continuing series of the stories behind the very early stones to be found in the County's churchyards. This is the story of the owner of a magnificent grave in Stilton, William RANDOL who died in 1613.

THE SPARROWS OF HILTON & THEIR WALL PAINTINGS by Jean Wheaton (November 2003) Jean's article includes a very full tree of the Sparrow family, some of whose wall paintings are in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

HUGUENOT ANCESTRY (March 2004) A report of the Society Meeting given by Michael Gandy.

THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF THE JAPANESE BUTLER by Caroline Kesseler (March 2004) Caroline follows clues to the identity of a Japanese family (SEYAMA) who have gravestones in Huntingdon cemetery.

TALES OF MY CHILDHOOD 1896-1912 by F.C.W.Wright (March 2004) This is the first of six episodes in the early life of Fred Wright who died in 1997. He lived in Fletton in the north of the county and his accounts of village life before WW1 are magnificent.

A LETTER FROM A NEW HOME by Donald Feist (November 2004) William MINSON left St Ives in 1892 and arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand with a young family. A letter written home gives details of other Huntingdonians who emigrated to the other side of the world.

THE LIFE AND REFLECTIONS OF NATHANIEL DALE by John Stratford (November 2004)John died recently but his widow has kindly allowed to reprint his tale of a gamekeeper on the Duke of Manchester's estate at Kimbolton Castle.

THE WAR MEMORIALS IN UPWOOD CHURCH by Liz Carter (March 2005) This is the first in a series covering those whose lives are commemorated in stone in Upwood.

CEMETERY CELEBRITIES- DION WILLIE BOUCICAULT by Caroline Kesseler (July 2005) A large ceramic urn covers the burial place of a son of a playwright. Willie died in the infamous railway accident at Abbots Ripton in 1876,

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