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The HFHS operates a bookstall which offers a selection of genealogical publications for sale, including all those it itself publishes.

Items from the bookstall can be ordered by credit card via the On-line Family History Fair (GENfair) on the Internet, or by post:

HFHS Publications
42 Crowhill,
PE29 2NR

United Kingdom

E-mail for queries only: huntsfhs@genfair.com

The cost of orders placed via On-line Family History Fair (GENfair) will differ because that system calculates postal charges more accurately depending upon weight, destination, etc.

In the case of orders sent by post, full payment must be sent with the order. All prices include postage and packing. Cheques can be sent in Sterling and should be made payable to Huntingdonshire FHS. There is a 10% discount for individually consolidated orders placed my post, and paid for in sterling, which total over £50. The discount is also available to orders originating outside the United Kingdom, and paid for by non-sterling cheques/checks provided each cheque/check is less that £50 when converted. It is NOT applicable to orders placed via the On-line Family History Fair (GENfair).

Sterling cheques are available in many countries from Ruesch International.

Those who wish you use credit cards for purchases, can only do so via the On-line Family History Fair (GENfair)

There is an Order Form available to be printed for orders direct to the bookstall.

The Huntingdonshire FHS aims to produce information on its parishes and county to help the Family Historian. The Society has its own bookstall, and can provide its stock via post worldwide. Completed orders are sent out by Second Class post/Air Mail.

Please note: The prices listed here are inclusive of postage and packing as indicated. Publications which are bought directly from the Bookstall may be priced at a slightly reduced rate as listed on our printed Publications List.

Australian, New Zealand and South African Currency cheques, and US and Canadian Dollar checks are accepted in payment, subject to the Society's Terms and at the Society's exchange rates.

You can also buy our publications on-line by credit card at the On-line Family History Fair, known as GENfair, where you can pay by credit card; however, prices from GENfair may differ slightly because postage charges are separately calculated by weight.

Orders placed electronically through GENfair and those sent in by post will normally be dealt with within 3-7 days hours of receipt.


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